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  1. Those photos are superb! I think you are being too hard on yourself. The problem these days is the craft of taking photos has become less esoteric. Anyone with a cellphone can take a breathtaking shot and it’s all handled in the software of the application. I know you will be critical of your photos and it can be annoying when you get a shadow or refraction or a fly drifting pass at that exact moment the shutter is pressed.

    Such is life, I suppose if you want to go back to some of your favourites to do a reshoot you will probably find that the Louvre was closed for cleaning for a month during your holiday throwing a spanner in the works but more likely that when you returned to that mosque that Covid moment has passed and it is flooded with the faithful swearing allegiance to Allah and that perfect shot has come and gone, the lighting is wrong and the tiles don’t have the luminescence as in your first encounter.

    My father’s sisters travelled far and wide in Europe mainly.. they took a multitude of photos which were converted to slides, Maud had a Minolta, Steph had a Kodak or was it the other way around (Steph was so cute, sharp as a knife engaged three times but never married)… and Maura had a field day and just clicked away endlessly hundreds and hundreds of snaps and when they came back we were assaulted with hours of boring grey and tedious black and white snapshots of the Alps, Barcelona’s Gaudi palace and god knows where else. I don’t know what happened to all those fragments of other peoples memories or where even the camera’s ended up.

    You do you, your memories are what you make of them! You can bet your bottom dollar that my sons will prolly toss mine away as sure as the sun shines. I’m collating a bunch of photos of my relatives and hopefully my elder lemon auntie in her 90’s knows who they are before she too shuffles off her mortal coil to paraphrase Hamlet.

    Thanks again for your delightful “snaps” taken in the moment when others hovered nearby.

    Happy New Year to you and Mrs P, may you have many more adventures in 2023 to enthral and encourage us to unravel the wallet and replenish our souls with fresh warm memories.

    ps Have you heard anything from that young scamp in Mexico, is his name El Greco? He’s painting a few Art Deco houses in DF..

    1. I think most previous years collections have been better. But usually, I have a few dozen photos I like and I have to whittle them down. This year, I had to hunt around to find a few extra to make the collection up to twenty shots. But for sure, there’s a whole load of memories in those photos. I can’t quite believe Uzbekistan was only seven months ago.

      My photo albums on Flickr are likely to last the longest of my collection. But I stopped paying the subs (and therefore adding to that collection) back in 2018. If I keeled over tomorrow, most of everything I’ve done since then would be hidden behind passwords on my Apple devices. Maybe I ought to do something about that…

      Do you mean Kim? We no longer keep in touch. Last I read, he’d thrown his support fully behind Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and gone full fascist. This, sadly, came as no surprise to me.

  2. On our first holiday after Covid I took forty hours of video, most of it is useless! Wobbly mirrors and diabolical roads put paid to anything worthwhile. This year I think I’ll wear the darned thing and see if it gets a more precise capture. It was an experimental journey anyway. I’m considering getting a new iPhone as my contract has come to an end and a new one would be a mere few dollars more. Canadian cellular is possibly the most expensive on the planet but such is life!

    Yes, he’s the one! I hadn’t figured him to be the Philby type! I’ve always enjoyed his antics however. Perhaps his mum has taken a turn for the worse. He had her ensconced in a nursing home in Ajijic a while back and was popping down to see her from time to time.

    I’ll poke around and see what he’s up to 😉

    1. I took a load of video in Uzbekistan, and it’s priceless stuff. Not for any particular point of interest, but just to bring memories flooding back.

      Komrade Kim is far from the only hardcore Trumper/conspiracy theorist to get sucked in by Putin and fascism in general. Has he now disappeared? I did read about his mum some time back. A trip to Ajijic sounds a logical explanation.

  3. That off the rails radical thinking is beyond my comprehension and in unravelling the reality all you get is a rabid response. What surprises me is that otherwise cogent men will fall for that twaddle. That whole fiasco reminds me of The Emperors New Clothes and the swindlers are the repugnicant party.. but hey nonny nonny I won’t go down that rabbit hole!

    Have a great day and have a great week!

    1. There are some perfectly clever people peddling this nonsense, but I can understand why they do so. Grifters gonna grift. Have you come across Dr John Campbell on YouTube? For years, he posted educational videos, getting a few thousand views each time. He branched out into covid related posts in March 2020. Became quite well known. His content was reasonable at first. But that’s not where the money is. He’s now a massive antivaxxer conspiracy theorist publishing stuff that you absolutely know that he knows is BS. But….it’s pulling him in several million dollars a year in YouTube advertising. Stunning, isn’t it? That smart folk like Komrade Kim then swallow such obvious guff is a mystery though. It’s a shame.

      Anyway. I have tickets booked. A bag ready to be packed. Not too long to go and I’ll have new opportunities to photograph Mexico myself….

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